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Laura Bower

Newborn, Maternity & Family photographer based in Londonderry, NH servicing Southern NH & Northern MA

I'm Laura

Yes, I love photography! It's been a passion of mine for over 8 years now and I am honored to have been recently named one of the top 7 photographers in my area (Best Portrait Photographers in Manchester - 2017)  but that hardly gives you a real sense of who I am.  Let me give you some highlights.

I am a dancer, knitter and pilot

       * Scottish and talks with a strange accent

       * I play piano and sing - neither one as well as I would like

       * I love spicy food - my ideal restaurant is Indian and Italian fusion

       * I talk.  A lot.

Child Passenger Safety Tech, Hockey-mom, Chocoholic      

       * Summer is my season - give me sun and heat please!

       * My favourite place in the world is Glencoe, Scotland

       * Lover of animals, but allergic to dogs sadly

       * My husband is an extremely patient, supportive and handsome man

Egypt obsessed, stacker, Bolognese sauce master

       * I love pasta and rice

       * I enjoy working out (see above)

       * We have two cats (Boots and Fluffy) - one is devil possessed for                 sure!

       * I have a yarn stash that would blow your mind

High-tech worker, Outlander and kilts

       * Recovering nail-bitter

       * Who else lost all their hair after having kids?  Oh, just me?

       * I do ronde de jambe a terre while brushing my teeth

       * Copious cups of tea drinker

British TV Shows, roaring fireplace, bundled-up sleeper

       * Troubleshooter and problem-solver

       * Blue is my favourite colour

       * Yes, I spell the English way

       * Community volunteer

Wow!  You made it through all of that.  I hope you now have a better sense of me.  Bottom line is I love to to capture your fleeting moments and emotions in time, with my ultimate goal being to create artwork of your moments and connections, rather than posed and awkward snaps.

If you're still looking to learn more about me, other than following me on Instagram, let's get together and chat about YOUR perfect session.  I can't wait to meet you and learn all about you.


Laura Fleur

Fleur Foto, LLC | 4 Marks Court | Londonderry, NH 03053 - (978) 571-6280

Fleur Foto Photography owner - Laura Bower

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